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Vegan Burger by @Espaço Anandda
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The story

I had the best time at Jaque´s and Lucas´s place! They invited me to stay at their place during my week in Maceio. I slept on their sofa and I went to their restaurant every day to eat some delicious vegan food. It’s so much easier to eat vegan when you have a buffet in front of you with only vegan options. Especially when all of it is good as well! I mean, how often does that happen?

The city where they live is named Maceio, and it’s located a 7-hour drive from Natal where I made my last episode.

Jaque and Lucas took me to pre-carneval parties, and I also got to see their production of their own Kambucha. This was a perfect week for me filled with good food, great company and a lot of time to work.

Jaque set me up with a family who lives in Recife, who I spent the days of carnival with! I had some crazy days and it was an experience I have wanted to do for such a long time, so it was a pleasure to finally get to do it. I love how helpful everyone is here in Brazil!


About the food

Jaque made me a really good vegan burger. I liked it so much I had to eat two of them!

The burger consists of grated potatoes and mushrooms, which makes it feel a lot like meat when you are chewing it. The liquid smoke gave it the feeling that it was barbequed, which made it feel more like a burger made of meat. I really liked what she did with the burger, I liked that it felt like eating a meat burger.

The rucola mayonnaise surprised me, the rucola was so strong I thought she had put in garlic in the mayo. But there wasn’t any garlic, just rucola. It was very good. I didn’t know you can make a “mayonnaise” from cashew nuts, so this was also a pleasant surprise to me.


Next link in the chain

This was the last episode I made in Brazil. Now I’m going to Ecuador, and I actually already know many people that wants to share a recipe with you guys! I will fly to Guayaquil and then go to the city Olon, where I have a friend from Sweden that I will visit. It’s going to be so much fun seeing her! After staying with her for a couple of days, I will continue my search for amazing recipes =)

The recipe (Vegan burger)


4 burgers

Vegan mayonnaise:
100g natural cashew nuts
1 cup of rucola, chopped
50 ml olive oil
Lemon juice from ½ of lemon

The burger:
300 g potatoes
150 g shiitake mushroom
1 onion
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp smoked paprika powder
1 tbsp liquid smoke
200 g corn flour
Oil to deep-fry in



How to


Vegan burger

Vegan mayonnaise:
To be able to make this vegan mayonnaise you need to make sure the nuts are soft before you mix them. Do this by putting them in water for 4 hours, or by bringing some water to a boil and letting the nuts rest in this water for about 15 minutes.

Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix until you have a smooth mayonnaise. If the mayonnaise is too thick, add some water.

The burger:
Grate the potatoes. You can grate the potatoes in advance, just make sure you store them in cold water to avoid them browning.

Mince the onion and the shiitake mushroom.

Stir fry the onion and the mushrooms for 5 minutes until the onion is soft and the mushrooms have gotten some color. Add the potatoes and stir fry for another 5-10 minutes. Let the potatoes soften a bit but don’t stir fry until all the water has disappeared from them.

Remove from heat and add all the spices, stir until well mixed.

Form hamburger patties with your hands, make sure you press the “meat” together tightly, then dip the burgers in the corn flour. Press the corn flour onto the burger, and don’t be shy with the amount of corn flour– that’s what makes the burger crispy!

Deep-fry in a flavorless oil (i.e. corn oil, rape seed oil) until golden.

Serve together with bread, vegetables and the mayo.

Svenskt recept / swedish recipe (Vegansk burgare)


4 burgare

Vegansk majonäs:
100g naturella cashewnötter
2,5 dl ruccola, hackad
50 ml olivolja
Citronsaft från ½ citron

300 g potatis
150 g shiitakesvampar
1 gul lök
1 msk olivolja
1 msk rökt paprikapulver
1 msk liquid smoke
200 g majsmjöl
Olja att fritera i




Så här gör du


Vegansk hamburgare

Vegansk majonäs:
För att göra den här veganska majonäsen behöver nötterna vara mjuka. Gör dem mjuka genom att lägga dem i vatten 4 h i förväg eller genom att koka upp lite vatten, och låta nötterna ligga i det varma vattnet i cirka 15 minuter.

Lägg alla ingredienser i en mixer och mixa tills du har en slät majonäs.

Riv potatisen och shiitakesvamparna på rivjärnet.

Finhacka löken.

Stek löken och svampen i cirka 5 minuter tills löken har mjuknat. Tillsätt potatisen och stek i ytterligare 5-10 minuter. Potatisen skall mjukna något men skall inte stekas helt torr, den ska fortfarande vara lite blöt. Ta bort från värmen och tillsätt alla kryddor.

Forma färsen till burgare, se till att trycka ihop färsen ordentligt och vänd sedan burgarna i majsmjölet. Se till att pressa majsmjölet på burgaren, och var inte blyg med mängden majsmjöl – det är det som gör burgaren krispig. 

Fritera burgarna i en smaklös olja, tex rapsolja eller majsolja, tills de är gyllene.

Servera tillsammans med bröd, grönsaker och majonäsen. 

Do you have any questions about this recipe? 

Don’t be shy, just ask me and I will answer as soon as possible. Maybe you have cooked it and want to share your thoughts about it? Go ahead, I’d love to get in contact with you 🙂



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