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Meal #1: Vegan Banh mi with Lina and Amanda
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The story

Hi there!

It’s finally time for meal number one, and oh my gosh, I am so excited. I have been waited for this day 195 days. 28th of July 2017 was the day when this idea popped up and since then I have been working against this goal. By the way, it’s Amanda writing (and it will mostly be).

If you want to know more about the concept of the blog please check out the link below (it will open in a new window).

About linked meals

It’s me and my best friend Lina that will be your first hosts and the first piece of the link. We want to share one of our favorite recipe with you – Bahn mi. It’s a Vietnamese kind-of-sandwhich. But before we introduce the recipe for you we want to introduce our selves.

Amanda’s story

I’m going straight to the personal stuff. Who cares about where I grew up or bla, bla, bla boring stuff.

One and a half year ago I split up with my ex that I had been with for the last five years. It made me question life and what was important in life (that’s what life crisis do with you right?). I’m gonna share some of my insights with you. Insights that started out like a small thought but have now grown into something I truly believe in.

In Sweden it’s really dark six months of the year and it gets to me. I get tired and during the autumn and winter it’s only light during the hours you’re at work. And during these months, it feels like your whole life is about work. Simply because work is all you have energy for, and when you come home you’re exhausted, feeling but nothing than laying on the sofa watching Netflix, waiting for next work-day to start. And for six months it goes on like this. Of course, you’re doing some fun stuff during the weekend, but the weekends are pretty short, right?

This hamster wheel everyone is talking about – it really exists. Earlier, I didn’t think about it this sad way, but now I do. Therefore, I decided to make some changes.

From now on, until this summer to start with, I will be working 80% at my normal day job as a construction engineer. I will have one day off to be able to work here at Linked Meals instead. I hope this will bring me more joy to life and plenty of awesome energy.

Lina’s story

Lina has grown up into an independent woman. She can handle everything and everyone in a pretty amazing way. But how did she become this superwoman?

Well, maybe it’s because of the way her mum and dad let her do much of the household chores at home during her childhood. For example; Her parents put their credit card in one hand, the dog in the other and said “Now daughter, go to the store and buy some food for tonight.” She left the house and made the walk to the store. At the store she tied up the dog and entered the store to do some shopping. She had some economic skills – she always bought big pack of food. “One big pack of Gorbys pirog original, one big pack of white bread, one big bottle of Nutella and one big sized milk. Perfect!”

She paid with the credit card (she was the only 10-year-old child I knew that got her parents credit card). She never asked for the receipt and never had to show it to her parents. She made the walk home, and half of the times she forgot the dog at the store. A few hours later, she remembered and had to go back to get the dog.

I am pretty sure that this is the secret for creating such a wonderful person.

Our story

Me and Lina got to know each other when I was 8 years old and Lina 7 years old. It was in elementary school and at our school the first-year graders shared lessons with second and third-graders. I was new in our little small town and the first day at school Lina remembers me making entry into the classroom with a stroller. We actually don’t know if it’s a correct memory, I prop on that it is false cause it’s seems too ridiculous to walk in with a stroller first day in school. And because of the reason that I don’t remember owning a stroller. But on the other hand, I don’t remember a shit from my childhood…

Since this first day we were stuck with each other. We’ve had our ups and downs (as all relationships do) but nowadays, for me, she’s the best. I often think of how much I appreciate her and what we got. If I would have to marry someone right this day, it would have been you Lina!

The recipe’s story

We didn’t have to discuss which recipe we would choose to share with you guys. We knew it just by looking at each other. It had to be this one. Cause it’s so freeeakiiing delicious!

The first time I (Amanda) ate this vegan Bahn mi was when Lina cooked it for me for about a year ago. I wasn’t too impressed by the description of the meal, it sounded quite simple and I didn’t understand how it could be so good as she told me. “It’s pickles in a sandwich, topped with tofu and coriander”. You hear me, doesn’t sound too impressive, right? But whatever, I let her cook the meal for me and WOW! After the first bite I was sold. This was sooo good. “I told you so, didn’t I?” Lina smirked at me.

It’s the combination of the sweet tofu, the fresh pickles and lime, the heat of the Srirasha-sauce (I don’t even know how to pronounce that word) and the crunch of the bread that makes this dish so perfect. And of course, for us coriander lovers, to top it all off with some (read much) coriander, you’re in heaven.

Therefore, we want you to have this recipe and eat it, like a lot. Every new person you invite to dinner, you gonna serve them this food and they will be impressed. If not, maybe they aren’t such good friends as you thought?

What do you think of the concept of this blog? Please comment below and let me know. 

The recipe (vegan bahn mi)

2 persons

1,5 cups water
1 cup sugar
0,5 cup vinegar, 12%
1 big carrot
1 perfectly sized white radish

200 grams/0,5 pounds tofu, preferably the hard one
2 cloves garlic
1 tbs vegetable oil
3 tbs japanese soy
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbs honey
Flour to dip the tofu in

4 small baguettes
Vegan mayonnaise (or regular non-vegan)

How to

Heat 0,5 cup of water in a saucepan with the sugar until the sugar has melted. Add the rest of the sugar and also the vinegar. We only heat a small amount of the water with the sugar simply because it takes shorter time for it to cool down.

Cut the vegetables in small pieces or slice it with the potato peeler. When sliced, add the vinegar and put in the fridge for a while. The longer time in the fridge, the better taste since the sugar really has time to sink into the vegetables. We usually don’t have that kind of patience, but it you start with the pickles and then continue with the tofu it’s good enough.

The tofu:
Mix all the ingredients except the tofu and the flour in a bowl. Slice the tofu and spread them in one layer onto kitchen towels. Put some kitchen towels on top of the tofu and give it a gently press. This way all the liquid disappears. Put some flour on a plate and turn the tofu in it. When it’s done, put the flour-tofu in the marinade and let it set for a while in the fridge. And it same goes for the tofu as for the pickles, the longer time in the fridge, the more flavour. Cook the tofu in a frying pan in quite much vegetable oil until it is golden. Watch out so that the honey won’t get burned. Make sure you add all the good stuff in the bottom of the marinade bowl in the frying pan as well.

Mix the mayonnaise with the sriracha sauce. How spicy do you want it? Add some and taste it and make it perfect for you.

Heat the bread in the owen. Slice up the bread, add some (a lot for us!), mayonnaise on bothes sides of the bread. Add some pickles and tofu. Top if off with coriander and some lime juice. It may be a simple dish, but OH so GOOD!

Svenskt recept / swedish recipe (vegansk bahn mi)

2 personer

Picklade grönsaker:
3 dl vatten
2 dl socker
1 dl ättikssprit, 12%
1 stor morot
1 lagom stor rättika

200 g hård tofu
2 vitlöksklyftor
1 msk rapsolja
3 msk japansk soja, t ex kikkoman
1 tsk sesamolja
1 msk honung
Vetemjöl att vända tofun i

4 st små baguetter
1 burk vegansk majonnäs, t ex vegme-majonnäs (170 ml) eller vanlig majonnäs

Så här gör du

Picklade grönsaker:
Värm upp 1 dl av vattnet i en kastrull med allt socker tills att sockret har smält. Häll på resterande vatten samt ättikssprit. Anledningen till att vi värmer bara en del av vattnet med sockret är helt enkelt för att det går fortare för lagen att svalna sen. Hacka grönsakerna i fina små stavar, eller hyvla dem i tunna skivor med hjälp av en potatisskalare. Lägg i de hackade grönsakerna i ättikslagen och ställ in i kylen. Ju längre det får stå desto godare (och mildare pga av att sockret får göra sitt och gå in i grönsakerna) blir det. Vi brukar dock aldrig ha tålamod att vänta så länge, men om du börjar med det här och sen gör tofun så hinner den stå tillräckligt länge.

Blanda alla ingredienser förutom tofun och vetemjölet i en skål. Skär tofun i skivor och lägg dem utspritt i ett lager på några lager hushållspapper. Lägg på ytterligare några lager hushållspapper ovanpå och pressa försiktigt ned så att vätskan i tofun går in i papperet. Om du pressar tofun direkt i handen med hushållspapper är risken stor att tofun blir en enda moshög, det beror på val av tofu. Men testa dig fram, det märker du ju ganska snabbt =). Vänd tofun i vetemjöl och lägg sedan i den i marinaden och vänd runt försiktigt (annars riskerar vi mos ännu en gång). Ställ in i kylen. Här gäller samma sak som med de picklade grönsakerna – ju längre det får stå och dra sig desto godare blir det. Stek på tofun i ganska mycket rapsolja så att den får en fin stekyta. Var försiktig så att honungen inte bränns. Häll på allt marinadgojs som ligger kvar i botten av skålen.

Blanda majonnäsen med sriracha sås. Hur mycket hetta tål du? Smaka av efter hand och gör dem lagom stark för dig.

Värm brödet i ugnen. Skär upp brödet, bred på rikligt med majonnäs på båda sidor av brödet. Fyll på med picklade grönsaker och tofu. Toppa med koriander och pressa över lite limesaft. SÅ enkelt, men SÅ gott!

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