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The story

A couple of weeks ago we met up with Erika Jureskog, and how much fun we had! Erika participated in Sweden’s master chef 2018, and today we got try her amazing food. Erika Jureskog is often known as Johan Jureskog’s little sister. Johan Jureskog is a famous chef here in Sweden and he has been cooking food for the Olympics and he also had his own show on TV, called “The worlds best burgers”. I think that Erika deserves her own name, and that she is so much more than her big brother’s little sister. Erika is filled with energy, happy and funny, and – not to talk about it, good in the kitchen. You go girl!

About the food

Erika made us a really good sandwich, it was a sour milk bread which she topped off with a lovely home cured salmon, horseradish and a confit egg yolk. This sandwich is super tasty, and it’s so fresh. I definitely recommend you try this at home. Why not serve it during a weekend breakfast with someone you enjoy spending time with?

Port wine cupcakes
She also made us some delicious chocolate cupcakes. Port wine is added to both the cupcake itself but also to the syrup you decorate the cupcake with. And that syrup is really tasty! Why not spice up your old chocolate cupcakes with some port wine next time? You’ll find that recipe here.

Next link in the chain

In January I will go and travel again. This time I’ll move to Sydney, and my plan is to continue to work as a Revit Drafter (structural engineer) and also to continue to blog here of course. I have no idea who the next person I’m going to visit will be, but time will tell.

The recipe (sour milk bread with beetroot-cured salmon, horseradish and confit egg yolk)


For 4 hearty sandwiches or six smaller ones

Beetroot-cured salmon:
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tbsp salt
1 beetroot
500 grams of skin- and boneless salmon

Sour milk bread:
70 g wheat flour
285 g graham flour
80 g fine ground rye flour
2 tsp salt
2 tsp bicarbonate
110 g sunflower seeds
70 g whole flax seeds
150 g crushed rye
2 dl dark syrup
1 liter processed sour milk

Confit egg yolk:
6 egg yolks
Plenty of neutral oil

Horseradish crème:
2 cups crème fraiche
1 dl cream cheese
Freshly grated horseradish to taste
Salt and pepper to taste

For decoration:
Sea salt



How to

Beetroot-cured salmon:
Mix sugar and salt in a bowl.
Peel the beets. Grate them coarsely and combine with the sugar mixture.
Put the salmon in an oven dish. Rub the sugar mixture around. Place in the fridge for 1-2 days. Turn the salmon after half the time.

Sour milk bread:
Set the oven to 175°C.
Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
In a separate bowl mix the sour milk with the syrup.
Pour the flour mixture into the sour milk bowl and mix until smooth.
Dress two bread molds with baking paper and pour the batter evenly into the two molds.
Bake in the middle of the oven for about an hour. Cover with foil for the last 15 minutes if it starts to burn.
Remove from the oven and leave in the mold for five minutes.
Remove the bread from the molds and allow to cool completely on a cooking grate, covered with a kitchen towel.

Confit egg yolk:
If you don’t have a sous vide but still want a creamy egg yolk on top of the sandwich, you can boil the egg in a saucepan. Cook to medium, then gently peel off the egg white. If you’ve managed to prick the right length of cooking, you now have a creamy egg yolk that you can put on the sandwich.

Classic confit egg yolk:
Set your sous vide to 63°.
Separate the eggs so you have six egg yolks.
Pour the oil into a narrow vacuum bag and gently pour the egg yolks in.
Close the bag carefully and place in the bath.
Let sit for about 2 hours.
Strain the oil with a fine-mesh strainer, then pick up the yolks and serve.

Horseradish crème:
If you want to do it the correct way, hang the crème fraiche before making the crème. It gets a little thicker and a little creamier then. Put it in a coffee filter with a strainer underneath, refrigerate overnight.
The next day, mix the crème fraiche with cream cheese and grated horseradish, whichever amount you like. Salt and pepper, to taste.

Putting the sandwich together:
Cut a slice of the sour milk bread.
Spread a thick layer of horseradish crème onto the slice.
Wipe the beetroot juice off the salmon and slice it thinly. Put a couple of slices on the sandwich.
Carefully place an egg yolk on top of the salmon.
Decorate with sprouts and a little sea salt.

Svenskt recept / swedish recipe (filmjölksbröd med rödbetsgravad lax, pepparrot och confiterad äggula)


Till 4 rejäla mackor eller sex mindre

Rödbetsgravad lax:
2 msk socker
2 msk salt
1 rödbeta
500 gram skinn- och benfri lax

70g vetemjöl
285g grahamsmjöl
80g finmalet rågmjöl
2 tsk salt
2 tsk bikarbonat
110g solrosfrön
70g hela linfrön
150g rågkross
2 dl mörk sirap
1 liter filmjölk

Confiterad äggula:
6 äggulor
Rikligt med neutral olja

2 dl crème fraiche
1 dl färskost
Nyriven pepparrot efter smak
Salt & peppar efter smak





Så här gör du

Rödbetsgravad lax:
Blanda socker och salt i en skål.
Skala rödbetan. Riv den grovt och blanda med sockerblandningen.
Lägg laxen i en form. Gnid in sockerblandningen runt om. Lägg i kylen 1-2 dygn. Vänd laxen efter halva tiden.

Sätt på ugnen på 175 grader (ej varmluft).
Blanda alla torra ingredienser i en bunke.
I en separat bunke blanda filmjölk med sirapen.
Häll mjölblandningen i filmjölksskålen och blanda till jämn smet.
Klä två brödformar med bakplåtspapper och häll i smeten jämnt i de två formarna.
Grädda i mitten på ugnen i cirka en timme. Lägg på folie de sista 15 minutrarna om den börjar brännas.
Ta ut ur ugnen och låt stå i formen i fem minuter.
Lyft ur formarna och låt svalna helt på galler under duk.

Confiterad äggula:
Om du inte har en sous vide men ändå vill ha en krämig äggula på toppen av mackan kan du koka ägget i en kastrull. Koka så att det är medium, och skala sen försiktigt bort äggvitan. Om du har lyckats pricka rätt koklängd har du nu en krämig äggula som du kan lägga på mackan.

Confiterad äggula på klassiskt vis:
Sätt din sous vide på 63 grader.
Separera ägg så du har sex äggulor.
Häll olja i en smal vacuumpåse och häll försiktigt i äggulorna.
Förslut försiktigt och lägg ner i badet.
Låt stå i ca 2 timmar.
Sila av oljan i en finmaskig sil och ta upp äggulorna och servera.

Om du är duktig hänger du creme fraichen innan du gör krämen. Den blir lite tjockare och lite krämigare då. Lägg den i ett kaffefilter med en sil under, ställ över natten i kylskåp.
Nästa dag blandas den avhängda crème fraichen med färskost och riven pepparrot efter smak. Smaka av med salt och ev peppar.

Sätt ihop mackan:
Skär en skiva av filmjölksbrödet
Bre på rejält med pepparrotscrème.
Torka av rödbetssaften från laxen och skiva den tunnt. Lägg ett par skivor på mackan.
Ta försiktigt en äggula och lägg på.
Dekorera med groddar och lite flingsalt.

Do you have any questions about this recipe? 

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