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The story

Time for my first episode in Colombia! I didn’t have any plans for Colombia, but when I got an invitation from Jörn Ludvigsen and his wife Nohra who runs the hotel and restaurant El Lugar Nordico in the world-famous district Armenia, I decided to go there.

Armenia is a well-known coffee district in Colombia, and of course Jörn took this into account when he prepared me his food. He infused coffee in the starter, but more about the Gambas with coffee bisque in another blogpost, posted near you soon 😉

Jörn cooked me three dishes, and I will present the dishes to you backwards! First out is this dessert, and this is a truly classic recipe. I think of my grandma when I eat this; A soft, lukewarm pear served with a heavenly good rum and vanilla ice cream and some chocolate sauce. The chocolate sauce breaks off nicely against all the sweet. I love this ice cream so much! It’s easy to make and taste delicious of rum and vanilla. Who thought that I ever would be that old I liked having rum in my ice cream? Haha.

The recipe (pear belle helene)


2 persons

Pear Belle Helene:
2 pears
2 cups of water
1 cup of sugar
A pinch of vanilla powder

Chocolate sauce
Home-made rum & vanilla ice cream


How to

Pear Belle Helene:
Peel the pears but keep the stalk end. Cut the pear at the bottom so that it has a flat surface to stand on. Cut out the seeds and the core from the bottom. Put sugar, water and vanilla in a small, deep pan and place the pears in the pan. When the syrup is boiling, put a lid on the pan and lower the heat. Let it simmer for 10 minutes. Cool off for 10-15 minutes under the lid. The pears should now be soft but still with a little crunch.

Serve with chocolate sauce, a little bit of the syrup and a scoop of really good rum and vanilla ice cream.

Svenskt recept / swedish recipe (päron belle helene)


2 personer

Päron Belle Helene:
2 päron
5 dl vatten
2,5 dl socker
1 krm vaniljpulver

Hemmagjord rom & vaniljglass


Så här gör du

Päron Belle Helene:
Skala päronen men behåll kvisten/stjälken. Skär av päronet nedtill, så att det får en plan yta att stå på. Skär ut fröna från botten av päronet. Lägg socker, vatten och vaniljpulver i en liten, djup kastrull. Ställ päronen i kastrullen. När sirapen kokar, sätt på en lock och sänk värmen. Låt sjuda i 10 minuter. Låt svalna i 10-15 minuter under i kastrullen, med locket på. Päronen ska nu vara mjuka med ett bra tuggmotstånd.

Serveras tillsammans med chokladsås, lite av sirapen som du kokade päronen i samt tillsammans med en skopa av en riktigt god rom och vaniljglass.

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