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Meal #6: The dangerous red and Swedish Eton mess at Nils’ place
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The story

Alexander and Cecilia sent us to their friend Nils.

Nils lives in the middle of Gothenburg in a really cool apartment. The apartment is not big itself, it’s not more than 44 square meters, but the terrace he has is just as big as the apartment. Here he has a jacuzzi (which we of course had to use before we left), and it feels kind of like a night club.

Nils had invited his girlfriend Ilkin who’s from Turkey, and his friend Lars.

The flash broke when we were at Nils´ place and wow, that man is busy, so we didn’t succeed with planning another date with him to be able to take the photo. It means that this time we’re missing the portrait, and it’s a bit pitiful, but what to do?

Alexander and Cecilia told us that they drank a 200 year old wine at Nils’ place where they first met, and I wanted to know where the wine came from. I mean, who has such old wine at home?! I asked Nils about it and he said that he got it from his wine cellar across the street from his old apartment. “It was the only one I had”. I don’t know if I belive him or not…

In the movie, Nils mentions that his friend who’s a chef and has been working with Gordon Ramsey (!!!), has showed him how to spice up this dish a little bit more. He was the one who added the orange zest and the pine nuts and taught him it gets better if you only half cook the pasta. You’ll understand everything when watching the movie 😊


About the food

This is a classic pasta dish that has been spiced up by using orange zest and pine nuts (and of course the chilli).

Despite its name “The dangerous red” it’s not that spicy. You can taste a bit of heat but it’s not something that takes over the dish. If you are sensitive against heat, just add some of the chili and let it boil for 10 minutes and taste it and see if you want to add some more. If you make it too spicy, you can add some creme fraiche to make it less spicy.

It takes some time to prepare the tomato sauce but it’s not much work that has to be put in to make it, so it’s really an easy dish to make.

If you are a beginner, don’t be afraid – you’ll handle this just fine!  You just shop the ingredients and let it stay on the stove for about 2 hours, and then you have a really good and basic tomato sauce.

You can prepare the tomato sauce a couple of days before if you want to.


Next link in the chain

Nils planned to send us to one of his closest friends, but he felt like he didn’t had time for us. So, once again, the chain is broken. But hey, we’re not sad about that! This time, we’re thinking that YOU will have to help us with our next host!

Do you know someone, or do you want to be our next link? Comment below and we’ll see where we end up!

The recipe (the dangerous red & swedish eton mess)



4 persons

The dangerous red:
3 shallots
1kilo tomatoes
3 cloves of garlic
1 tsp honey
1 tsp chiliflakes
1 tsp salt
350 g (uncooked) pasta

50 g pine nuts
Orange zest from one orange

300 g halloumi

The swedish eton mess:
Vanilla ice cream
Salted peanuts
Natural cashewnuts (not salted or roasted)
Chocolate sauce

How to

The dangerous red:
You can prepare this part a couple of days before eating, or minimum 2 hours before eating the dish:
Chop the shallots and the tomatoes. Fry the shallots together with the pressed garlic in a pot on medium level.

Add the tomatoes, the honey and the spices and let it simmer on low level for about 2 hours. Don’t use a lid. Let the tomato sauce boil down until it gets thicker in its consistency. It’s supposed to boil until it has approximately half the volume it had when you first put them in the pot.

Mix the tomato sauce with  a hand mixer to get a smooth consistency.

Do this the same day you’re eating the dish:
Boil the pasta until it has been cooked half the time it’s supposed to be cooked (the pasta will be fully cooked in a frying pan together with the rest of the ingredients).

Fry the pine nuts until golden in a good amount of oil and butter, make sure to use a big frying pan because we will add all the pasta in this pan later.

Grate the orange zest from one orange and add it to the pine nuts. Make sure to remove the pan from the heat meanwhile you grate the orange zest into the pan, otherwise the orange zest get burnt easily. At the same time, add also the pre-cooked pasta and let it fry on medium level until the pasta is al dente.

Fry the halloumi in some oil or butter until golden.

Ready to serve and enjoy!

The swedish eton mess:
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl (use the amount you prefer of each ingredient).

And then it’s just to gormandise.  😊

Svenskt recept / swedish recipe (den farlige röde & marängsviss)



4 personer

Den farlige röde:
3 schalottenlökar
1 kg tomater
3 vitlöksklyftor
1 tsk honung
1 tsk chiliflakes
1 tsk salt

350 g (torrvikt) pasta

50 g pinjenötter
Apelsinskal från 1 st apelsin

300 g halloumi

Saltade jordnötter
Naturella cashewnötter


Så här gör du

Den farlige röde:
Detta kan förberedas ett par dagar innan, men påbörjas senast 2 h innan du vill äta:
Hacka löken och tomaterna. Stek löken tillsammans med den pressade vitlöken på medelvärme i en gryta tillsammans med rikligt med smör och olja , tills de blivit mjuka.

Lägg i tomaterna och kryddorna och låt puttra på svag värme i ca 2 h, utan lock. Tomatsåsen skall koka ned så att den blir fastare i konsistensen, ungefär till hälften av volymen den var från början.

Mixa tomatsåsen med en stavmixer för att få en slätare konsistens.

Detta görs vid tillfället då det skall ätas:
Koka pastan tills den har kokat halva dess koktid (vi ska senare woka pastan tillsammans med pinjenötter och apelsinskal tills den blir al dente).

Ta fram en stor stekpanna och stek pinjenötterna tillsammans med ytterligare rikligt med smör och olja, tills de blivit gyllenbruna.

Riv apelsinskalet från en apelsin och lägg i det i stekpannan med pinjenötterna. Se till att ta bort plattan från värmen under tiden som du river ned apelsinskalet i pannan, annars bränns lätt apelsinskalet vid.

Lägg även i den förkokta pastan och tomatsåsen och värm på tills pastan är al dente.

Stek på halloumin i lite olja eller smör tills den är gyllenbrun.

Servera och njut!

Blanda önskad mängd av alla ingredienser i en skål, sen är det bara att frossa 😊

Do you have any questions about this recipe? 

Don’t be shy, just ask me and I will answer as soon as possible.

Maybe you have cooked it and want to share your thoughts about it? Go ahead, I’d love to get in contact with you 🙂



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