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The story

A friend that I met during my travels in Jericocoara introduced me to Humberto, he has a restaurant called O Tal de Escondidinho in Pipa, and he was more than happy to have me as a guest and to show me how to make a modern version of the classic tapioca.


About the food

Tapioca is the name of both a type of flour and a dish here in Brazil. When you say you are eating tapioca, you are usually referring to this version. It’s kind of a bread that you fill with cheese and meat or with sweet stuff, such as Nutella and banana.

(Pictured borrowed from

I am not a huge fan of this ’bread’, it doesn’t taste much and has a strange consistency, almost like chewing on an eraser. However, when you fry the tapioca it’s something completely different. You get a crispy outside/surface with a softer inside. It still doesn’t have much taste, but it is great for dipping. We dipped it in jam at the restaurant, but you could also go a bit further and dip it in Nutella. I tried it and I thought it was delicious. It became a dessert instead of an appetizer.

This dish is called Dadinhos de Tapioca.


Next link in the chain

Humberto recommended me to go to his friend Marcos who owns a hamburger restaurant. It’s called Blackitchen and is located in Natal, a city 2 hours outside of Pipa.

The recipe (Deep-fried Tapioca)


Amount of tapioca:
15x15x2 cm

0,5 liter of milk
250 g cheese
250 g granulated tapioca
Oil to deep fry in



How to


Deep-fried Tapioca


Before you start to cook

In the video Humberto uses double the amounts of the ingredients, but I chose to halve it, since you would end up with a whole lot of tapioca otherwise.

About the choice of cheese:
The original recipe uses a cheese called Coalho cheese, but since this cheese comes from Brazil you can replace it with some you have in your country. Humberto told me you can use whichever cheese you prefer, as long as it is a bit hard, like parmesan or even mozzarella. It can’t be as soft as a gorgonzola cheese.

About the tapioca:
Tapioca granulada is a flour made from the plant cassava. This flour is naturally gluten free since it is made from a vegetable. The tapioca is a traditional ingredient, commonly used in many dishes in the North Brazil area, especially in the Bahia state. Make sure you use the granulated version that has much bigger pieces than the regular flour. The granulated tapioca resembles coarse-grained salt in appearance. You can see in the video (at time 01:30) what I mean.


How to

Heat up the milk in a pot and bring it to a boil. Grate the cheese meanwhile. Remove from heat and add the tapioca, stir so everything gets mixed and then add the cheese. Salt to taste (how much salt you use depends on how salty your cheese is – a less salty cheese requires more salt and a very salty cheese needs less salt). Stir until the mix gets thicker in its consistency. For the right consistency, look at the movie (03:00 minutes).

If you want to add any flavor, or spices to your deep-fried tapioca, you do it now. You can try with olive oil, pepper or chili for example.

Wrap a mold sized 15x15 cm with plastic and pour in the mixture. Cover the surface of the tapioca with plastic, to prevent it from getting a yellow and hard surface in the fridge. Let it rest in the fridge for about 2 hours until it is solid. Cut in small cubes, 2x2x2 cm.

Deep fry in a flavorless oil, such as corn oil or rapeseed oil, until they are golden (a couple of minutes).

Pick them up from the oil and put them on a plate with kitchen towels.

Eat while hot.

Made too much tapioca? 
Cut all the uncooked tapioca in small cubes, and then put it in the fridge (it will last 4 days here), or in the freezer. You can deep-fry the tapioca straight from the freezer.

Svenskt recept / swedish recipe (Friterad Tapioca)


Mängd tapioca:
15x15x2 cm

0,5 liter mjölk
250 g ost
250 g grovkornig tapioka
Olja att fritera i




Så här gör du


Friterad Tapioka

Innan du börjar laga maten

I videon så gör Humberto en dubbelt så stor sats än vad detta receptet anger. Jag valde att halvera det eftersom det blir så himla mycket tapioka annars.

Om valet av ost:
I originalreceptet används en ost som heter Coalho. Denna osten kommer från Brasilien och används väldigt mycket här. Byt ut den till en ost som finns i din närhet. Humberto sa att man kan använda vilken ost som helst sålänge det är en någorlunda hård ost, som parmesan eller mozzarella. Den kan inte vara så mjuk som gorgonzola.

Om tapiokan:
Tapioka är ett mjöl/gryn som görs av växten cassava. Mjölet är naturligt glutenfritt eftersom det görs av en växt. Tapioka är en väldigt traditionell ingrediens som används mycket i de norra delarna av Brasilien, speciellt i staten Bahia. Se till att du använder dig av den grovkorniga tapiokan och inte det finmalda mjölet. Den grovkorniga tapiokan liknar grovkornigt salt till utseendet. Du kan se vad jag menar 01:30 minuter in i filmen.


Såhär gör du

Värm upp mjölken i en gryta och låt den koka upp. Riv osten så länge. Tag bort mjölken från värmen och tillsätt tapiokan, rör om och tillsätt osten. Salta efter smak (hur mycket salt som du behöver använda beror på vilken ost du har använt – en mindre salt ost kräver mer salt och vice versa.) Rör om tills blandningen får en tjockare konsistens och blir som en puré (03:00 minuter in i filmen).

Om du vill smaksätta din tapioca med något – gör det nu. Du kan testa med olivolja, peppar eller chili.

Klä in en 15x15 cm stor form med plast och häll i blandningen. Täck ytan med mer plast. Vi gör detta för att undvika at ten gulaktig och hård yta bildas på tapiokan. Låt vila i kylen i ca 2 h tills tapiokan har stelnat. Skär i små kuber, 2x2x2 cm.

Fritera din tapioca i en smaklös olja såsom majsolja eller rapsolja, tills de är gyllenbruna (tar ett par minuter).

Ta upp dem och lägg dem på lite hushållspapper så att överflödig olja försvinner.

Ät medans de är varma.

Gjorde du för mycket tapioka?
Skär all den ej tillagade tapiokan i kuber och ställ in dem i kylen (kan stå i 4 dagar innan det blir dåliga), eller i frysen. Det går bra att fritera den frysta tapiokan direkt från frysen.





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