You know the best recipes that runs in families and gets forwarded amongst friends? The mission of this blog is to find all those hidden food-gems and bring them into light. This is a food blog that is vego inspired, which means that there will be no recipes made of meat. We do welcome fish and seafood – a blog perfect for pescotarians. Maybe you’re interested of eating more vegetarian food? If so, this is the place for you to find inspiration.

How does it work?

The method for bringing all these recipes, from all around the globe to your dinner table is called “linked meals”. It all starts with one person, free to prepare a dish of choice. Be it the best sandwich ever, a delicious recipe from old momma, a three-course menu or a must-have cake for all future birthdays. We’ll prepare the dish together, and no worries, the outcome will be documented; we’ll pass it along through Instagram, Facebook and Youtube – and of course here on the blog. The real adventure starts when the plates have been emptied; the host proposes the next storyteller from their social network and the procedure repeats, linking another interesting meal to the chain. Who knows where we’ll end up and which recipes this blog will bring you?
Together we’ll experience incredible recipes accompanied by equally amazing stories! Hidden food-gems will be brought into light, and I encourage you to pass them along to your friends and family.

Amanda has a funny laugh

I’m Amanda and I’m the one who came up with the idea to create this blog. Want to know how it happened? I was actually sick in the stomach, laying in bed for days after coming home from my trip to Bali summer -17. Laying there with nothing to do (except running to the bathroom), my brain finally got an pause and I had time to think. And suddenly this great idea popped up! I’ve never been more greatful for having a bad stomach. I live in Gothenburg in Sweden. I used to work full time but now I work 4 days a week at my other work to be able to spend more time creating content here on the blog, with you guys. It’s so exciting!

Lina has a potato nose

At the same moment Amanda told be about this idea she had I decided to jump on this journey. I’m a photographer and I love being creative in many different ways. To be able to be creative with your best friend, while drinking wine and meet a lot of fun people at the same time – can it really be any better? I’m a pescotarian, and this is why we have chosen to go the vego style here.

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